So apparently this was a thing? I know cupping is currently a trendy/alternative spa treatment, I have no idea how this is supposed to help ANYTHING, I’ve read about it and I STILL don’t get it.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 2.38.27 AM

What is the origin of this curious treatment? I can actually understand the concept of leeching, but cupping? I have so many questions. Why the butt cheeks specifically here? Did the subject pose for this? How long did it take the artist to draw this? Did he have to stifle laughter, or was this a Serious Thing? He looks like he’s hanging out on a balcony, enjoying the view? Why standing up? With just his pants down over his butt cheeks? Will we ever know the full story of Frederick Dekkers’ subject? And most alarming is the giant cup on the floor to the right; WHERE IS THAT GOING TO GO? Is that going to go on his head and suck the life force from him? Is this a SUICIDE?