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Medea – Jel Ena

Jel Ena was recently interviewed for Dirge Magazine. While I think this interviewer tries way too hard in reviewing her work, I enjoyed what Ena had to say about her own approach. But this comment struck me:

I was interested in exploring the power and control this demon women have, (something that in real life is only possible to obtain by men, still).


Perhaps she is a product of her own culture in which this might be true, but I’m surprised nonetheless. Even prior to the biblical Eve, women have been portrayed as the source of evil or demonic powers. Mythology is rife with female characters who possess some sort of supernatural power to control, dominate, or inflict horrible retribution or revenge – ironically, the same attributes to men in myths are seen as virtuous, praiseworthy, and commanding of respect and worship.

Scholarly art critique aside, I appreciate her sex and death imagery because it evokes both revulsion and desire; two opposite emotions that are the hallmark of human drama. Aesthetically, I especially like black ink drawings and I’m rather fond of horns on women. Well done, Ms. Ena.