Having binge watched Season 5 of the Great British Baking Show (I know, crazy, right? Me? A BAKING show? Scoff away!), I was inspired to make Mary Berry’s scones. The last time I made scones, it was literally a different century. As Berry is one of the GBBS judges, I tried her recipe. The ingredients were all in ounces and grams. I HAD TO DO MATH.

Instead of sultanas, because who the hell has sultanas around here, I don’t know, I used dried wild blueberries. I must say, they were magnificent. Served hot out of the oven, with real butter and lemon curd (I didn’t have clotted cream handy), I could close my eyes and think of England…

These are stupidly easy to make, so easy and fast, you could make them for breakfast every morning if you had enough people to eat them. YUM.

*I see you, ham slice